Our Projects

Our mission is to make things better for local businesses by using innovative approaches and automated technologies to boost sales and brand awareness. Discover our professionally & innovatively developed projects, which are designed to increased revenue. For more details, look below or get in touch with us.

Curacao Birthday Deals flyer

Birthday Marketing

Birthday marketing is a Marketing strategy used to nurture and strengthen relationships with the customers by giving something for free on the customers’ birthday or an unrefusable offer during their birthday month. Birthday marketing occurs as personalized and automated emails and SMS, triggered by each customer’s birth date that provides them with a wonderful experience.

Smart Coupons

Smart Mobile Coupons is a marketing strategy that helps small business reach and retain customers through innovative customer database marketing initiatives. It is a new method of reaching out to your customers and offer them a free Mobile Discount coupon via email & text messages. With our smart coupons we are able to send targeted email & SMS for your business with the ability to track how much a customer spend at your business so you know exactly how effective your marketing campaign is performing.

Scan For Sale Sign

Smart FOR SALE Signs

We’ve all seen the vehicles for sale on the side of the road or in a parking lot where you can’t tell anything about them without being right next to the car. So, nothing about the typical small “For Sale” sign. We make it different to draws attention and simultaneously we collect data from the prospect buyer and give them all the vehicle information. Your car will stand out from the rest and attract attention to see the important information everyone wants to know with a car that is for sale! Price, Miles, Year, Model and Contact info all have their own space and are easily identifiable.

Smart Realtor Sign

Smart Realtor Signs

Smart Realtor Signs made to be unique and stand out of the crowd to draw the attention of anyone passing by. This is a better way to list your property. Nobody wants to call a stranger from a sign for more info and sellers don’t want to waste time repeating the same thing to callers. Smart Sign make it easy for you to showcase your FOR SALE properties.

QR code marketing

QR- Code Marketing

Advertise with QR-code even when you’re closed. The best resource you have for advertising is the window of your business. Why not make use of it by adding a QR Code? Don’t allow this space go to waste because when you shut down for the evening, passersby may be curious. You can show contact information, a menu, social network accounts, opening hours, deals and much more on a business page using a QR code.