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About us

Welcome to DGITBRO Projects, the definition of digital marketing creativity, dedicated to completely improving the Curacao island’s smartphone advertising market. Our commitment goes beyond conventional practices; we are driven by a vision to create transformative projects tailored to meet the unique needs of local businesses and consumers.

DGITBRO Projects, is all about making life easier for folks like you and me. We go to the same stores and restaurants that you do, and we enjoy family time at the same entertainment places. Like you, we are trying to save a little money by finding the exclusive deals and offers.

Unfortunately, we soon realize that most businesses do not really give their faithful customers good deals. It’s like they forget we’re regulars or the loyal customers that care and support during the whole year, right? Well, we thought something different was very much needed. So, we came up with this cool idea to help businesses and folks like you and me to connect better and improve business experience with the goal in mind to increase sales.

Our major objective was to assist businesses in increasing sales while also providing customers with additional options to save money with exclusive deals and offers. However, as we moved forward, we realize there was more areas that need some improvements. This was the genesis of DGITBRO Projects providing different smart marketing services.

  • Realtor Smart Whistler to make selling properties in an Automated system
  • DGITBRO Automotive the new way of selling your car Smart & Fast
  • Smart Appointment Reminder, a smart businesses appointment system.
  • QR-code Marketing for advertisement even when you are closed. 

Think about it: nowadays, everything’s about technology, right? But not everyone’s a fan of all the ads popping up on their screens or downloading more application. That’s where we stepped in. We wanted to create something that’s easy for everyone to use, where businesses can reach out without being too pushy, and where we can all find sweet deals without all the hassle.

We’re all about making things better for everyone, and our unique services are here to do just that. It’s simple, it’s mobile-friendly, and it’s all about helping out local businesses and consumers.

Join us, and let’s make saving and shopping a whole lot easier for everyone!